Fiduciary Service


Fiduciary Service: n. 1. The body of law dealing with the responsibilities of one who owes to another the duties of good faith, trust, confidence, and candor, such as an executor or trustee.

Serving as a fiduciary or Trustee requires experience, creativity and an understanding of complicated facts and issues. Jason R. Searcy has over thirty years experience serving as a fiduciary in complex cases of all types, shapes and sizes, including the oil and gas industry, throughout Texas and Louisiana. He has also served as an examiner and a state-court appointed receiver in numerous cases.

Similarly, representing a fiduciary presents unique challenges which require efficient, ethical and practical legal advice. Joshua Searcy has been privileged to work with and represent fiduciaries on many occasions, helping them protect and serve their clients.

Representative Cases:

  • In re Reichmann Petroleum
  • In re TriDimension¬†
  • In re Stanton Mineral Development
  • In re Trac Drilling
  • In re Rand Energy Company
  • In re Loggins Meat Company
  • In re Cypress Valley Communications
  • In re Curtis Mathes
  • In re Cypress Creek Water District
  • Jason R. Searcy is a member of the panel of Chapter 7 Trustees for the Eastern District of Texas.