Financial Institutions


Financial Institutions & Lender Liability: n. 1. The body of law dealing with the obligations and responsibilities of persons or entities from which money is borrowed, such as banks or finance companies.

As a critical part of the U.S. economy, Banks make loans which help businesses operate and families buy homes or cars. The firm of Searcy & Searcy provides legal advice to numerous financial institutions. Our aim is to achieve the best result; often through negotiation, a lawsuit can be avoided. If that option fails, we regularly represent Banks in various court actions. Additionally, our firm assists individual clients with their personal or business collection needs, including pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies, in state, federal and bankruptcy courts.

Representative Cases:

  • Provide statewide credit card collection services for a large regional bank
  • Provide general representation to several area banks
  • Have defended numerous banks from alleged violations of the automatic stay
  • Have defended numerous banks from lender liability claims