Real Estate & Transactions


Real Estate & Transactions: n. 1. Agreements intended by the parties to prevent or end a dispute in which both sides make mutual concessions. 2. The body of law dealing with the rights of persons owning, selling, or asserting rights to land and anything growing on, attached to, or erected on it, that cannot be removed without injury to the land.

The attorneys at Searcy & Searcy, P.C. are efficient when it comes time to clear title to land or close a transaction. We have worked with lenders, buyers, landlords, tenants, sellers, municipalities and land developers, all of which gives us a clear understanding of the unique issues presented where real estate is concerned. Due to our public law practice, we recognize the importance of annexation and condemnation in real estate transactions and will provide you with professional assistance. Additionally, our attorneys are experienced with sale, lease, purchase and commercial transactions.

Representative Cases:

  • Helped a retailer expand its business by purchasing a competitor
  • Assisted a wireless internet service provider with the sale of substantially all of its assets to a competitor.
  • Closed a transaction for a financial institution involving three properties in two counties.
  • Have closed numerous real estate sale or purchase transactions.
  • Have drafted Purchase and Sale agreements for many companies